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Located in a quiet residential part of Yangon close to downtown, we have curated a list of Things To Do in Yangon, near us.

Click on the images for location on Google Maps.


Aung Thukha Restaurant near Winner Inn on Than Lwin Road / Inya Road

Aung Thukha

A true local style restaurant. Very clean and airy with lots of light. You'll get a platter of fresh veggies and Ngapi.

Opens 9AM - 9PM

Tel: +95-1-525194    

10 min walk, 4 min drive (800m)

Lashio Grilled Chicken near Winner Inn

Lashio Grilled Chicken (II)

Cuisines from a town in Shan State. Try their Grilled Chicken and Tofu Nway (Sticky Rice Noodles in Silken Tofu Gravy) for breakfast.

Opens 10AM - 10PM

Tel: +95-9-750119938

4 min drive, 20 min walk (1.7km)

Myeik Maung Taik near Winner Inn

Myeik Maung Taik

Its Myeik Noodle, signature of Myeik region in Southern Myanmar, is the best kept secret in an unassuming location.

Opens 10AM - 10PM

Tel: +95-9-73235812

4 min drive, 10 min walk (1.1km)


Bars & Nightlife


Byblos Pub & Grill

Lively atmosphere with a mix of locals and foreigners enjoying tasty cocktails and delicious mediterranean food.

Opens 11:30AM - 11PM

Tel: +95-9-798882020

5 min drive, 25 min walk (1.9km)

Beer Factory & Attic

Beer Factory & Attic

Great bar bites and beer downstairs. Even better with beer pong, stack cup games and live soccer matches on screens upstairs.

Opens 5PM - 1AM

Tel: +95-9-977606888

5 min drive, 20 min walk (1.5km)

Ginki Kids Bar & Restaurant

Ginki Kids

Cozy two-story bar with outdoor sitting area on the second floor and garden. Get their grilled pork neck!

Opens 11AM - 12AM 

Tel: +95-9-73041320    

5 min drive, 20 min walk (1.6km)


Banks & Money Exchange

AYA Bank near Winner Inn on Than Lwin Road / Inya Road

AYA Bank

Opens 9:30AM - 3PM 

(Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)

Tel: +95-1-2306336

2 min walk

KBZ Bank near Winner Inn on Than Lwin Road / Inya Road

KBZ Bank

Opens 9:30AM - 3PM 

(Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)

Tel: +95-1-2306347

2 min walk

Marketplace by City Mart

Money Exchange @ Marketplace

On the second floor of the supermarket. Opens 9AM - 11PM Daily

5-10 min drive, 15 min walk (1.2km)


Wet Market & Shopping

Wet Market Opposit Winner Inn

Myay Ni Gone Zay Lay 

Experience truly local fresh market shopping early in the mornings. Beware of muddy floors, strong freshly cut meat odors and conversational yelling among the sellers. 

Opens 6AM - 12 Noon

A min walk, opposite Winner Inn


Marketplace by City Mart at Dhammazedi

Get your groceries and merchandises at Yangon's leading supermarket chain with a range of international premium products to local produce.

Opens 9AM - 10:30PM

15 min walk, 5 min drive

Women's Development Center

Women's Development Centre

A vocational training center for women in sewing, embroidery and knitting. Help them and gift yourself their cotton crafts.

Opens 9:30AM - 4:30PM

(Closed on Public Holidays)

15 min walk along Than Lwin Road


Outdoor Activities

Yoga at People's Park

Yoga at People’s Park

Bring your own yoga mat, it starts early before sunrise in the open ground near the fountain. Enter from Ahlone Road entry. 

Entrance Fee: None

8 min drive, 30 min walk (2.5km)

Inya Lake Sailing Club

Stand Up Paddle & Sailing 

Yangon Sailing Club

Opens 9AM - 5PM (Closed on Mon)

Tel: +95-9-31522705

8 min drive, 33 min walk (2.7km)

Inya Lake Park

Jog along Inya Lake at Sunrise & Sunset

There are two stretches along Inya Lake: 

I. Corner of Inya Road & Pyay Road

– 38 min walk (3.1km)

II. Along Kabar Aye Pagoda Road

– 40 min walk (3.1km)


Cultural Experience

U Thant's House

U Thant House Tour

U Thant was the UN Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Learn about his life and legacy at his home turned into a museum. Free entry.

Opens 10AM - 5PM (Fri, Sat & Sun Only)

7 min walk (500m)

Yangon University Graduation Hall

Yangon University

The main campus of the oldest (founded in 1920) and biggest university in Myanmar. The convocation hall stands at the end of the main road. 

6 min drive, 30 min walk (2.5km)

Aung San Suu Kyi’s House 

Not open to public. Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counsellor of Myanmar, lives in this lakeside home. This house was recreated in the film “The Lady” based on satellite images and family photographs.

6 min drive, 30 min walk (2.3km)



International Meditation Centre

International Meditation Centre (IMC)

Join scheduled meditation camps or casually visit anytime of the day to meditate. 

Visit Website

Opens 4AM - 8PM    

Tel: +95-9-778903879    

4 min drive, 16 min walk (1.3km) 

Panditarama Meditation Centre

Join meditation session in local language from 2PM – 3PM everyday. For foreigners interested in a 7-day meditation camp, call.

Opens 5AM - 9PM

Tel: +95-1-535448, +95-9-795391024    

2 min drive, 8 min walk (650m) 

St. Augustine's Church Yangon

St Augustine's Church

Daily Mass at 6:30AM.

Sunday Masses: 7:00AM (English & Myanmar), 8:30AM (Korean), 10:00AM (English), 5:00PM (Myanmar)

Tel: +95-1-535761

3 min drive, 19 min walk (1.5km)



Inya Day Spa

Inya Day Spa

Reserve before you head down there for your relaxation session.

Opens 10AM - 8PM (Closed during Thingyan)

Tel: +95-1-537907

10 min walk (800m)

Beauty Concepts (III)

Beauty Concepts (Branch III)

The best nail parlor in town. Two branches are just nearby.

Opens 9:30AM - 9:00PM

Tel: +95-9-955166623

5 min drive, 11 min walk (850m)

The Salon

The Salon

Get a new look with the professional stylist and owner Ma Mee Mee.

Opens 9AM - 6PM (Closed on Mon)

Tel: +95-9-5122426

6 min drive, 25 min walk (2km)


Art Appreciation

Golden Valley Art Centre

Golden Valley Art Centre

Meet the owners who are great artists themselves. Visit website

Opens 9AM - 5PM (Closed on Sun)

Tel: +95-1-513621

8 min drive, 27 min walk (2.1km)

New Treasure Art Gallery

New Treasure Art Gallery

Watercolor and oil paintings, treasures of the local art scene.

Opens 10AM - 5PM 

Tel: +95-1-503712

4 min drive, 15 min walk (1.2km)

Yangon Gallery

Yangon Gallery

Displays a collection of contemporary art and photography. Visit website

Opens 10AM - 6PM

Tel: +95-973827777

10 min drive, 35 min walk (2.6km)



Junction Square

JCGV (Square)

Junction Square Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor

Tel: +95-1-527055

10-15 min drive

City Mall St. John

JCGV (St. John)

St. John City Mall, Level 3/08 & 18

Tel: +95-1-395428

10-25 min drive

Dagon Center II

Mingalar Cinema @ Dagon Center II

Dagon Center II, 6th Floor

Tel: +95-9-73254091, +95-9-73254092

10-20 min drive