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Winner Inn

About Winner Inn

We always welcome you to our home, which is also your second home in Yangon!

Winner Inn's number one goal is to make you so happy that you will return to us.

By ‘you’ we mean the traveller who is curious about Myanmar, who wants to see Myanmar with their own eyes instead of reading about it in the news or watching a video. 


This includes the explorers, adventurers and dreamers.

Those who want to give a third world country like Myanmar a chance. 

Those who are sick of fake smiles and empty promises.

Those in search of their very own oasis, getaway or retreat. 
Those who want a second home. 

Read about our beginning and more! 


Winner Inn loves art!

We aim to create living rooms beyond any art lover’s wildest dreams, where you still feel comfortable enough to kick off your shoes and take a nap.


Unlike a museum or art gallery, the artwork we feature at Winner Inn is meant to inspire you, yet make you feel included or at home. Aspirational, yet still accessible.


We like art that makes you learn something new, without being intimidating. The main focus of the collection is Myanmar Art: art that is created by those who struggled inside Myanmar, and voices their unique experiences through their works.
The art in our hotel comes in various forms: sculptures, tapestries, lacquerware, paintings, photography, furniture, textiles, and more. Winner Inn is a home for our local artists to show off their work.  

Art pieces exhibited in the hotel

The artworks exhibited at the hotel are unique pieces. Therefore it is not possible to reproduce these artworks.


Artworks hanging in the rooms

These artworks are from local artists ranging from tapestry sewers, painters, photographers, textile weavers, and carvers. 

Are you an artist and would you like to collaborate with Winner Inn?

We curate art to display at Winner Inn. Please send your portfolio to We will contact you shortly.


Explore a new way of working! We believe that every person is unique and we love you to be you.


We do not expect you to have industry experience, but invite you to bring your own special knowledge and know-how.


We love multi-tasking and offer a job that’s diverse, challenging and unique in the world of hotels.

Send your resume to:

About Winner Inn
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