A young married couple's dream was to host guests from around the world and make their stay in Yangon a pleasant memory. Today the couple's home remains as the entrance to the hotel. 


They built a 3-storey inn between their house and the garage. It housed 16 guest rooms, a reception and a small restaurant. Through word of mouth, many visited Winner Inn on their travels to Yangon. Slowly, the couple’s dream was starting to take shape.


The couple tore down their garage and added a second wing with 20 more spacious rooms. Soon after, the Asian Financial Crisis and sanctions from US and Europe hit Myanmar. The family struggled, persevering with hope for a brighter Myanmar.


After nearly a decade, the economy slowly opened up again and with great encouragement from the Winner Inn staff and guests, the couple added the third wing with 22 new rooms and completely renovated the old wings.


Winner Inn has come this far thanks to the support of our growing family, the guests and the staff.

Let us be your second home in Yangon.


Renovations at work once again. The restaurant underwent a design change and moved to the area beside the lobby.


The old restaurant has been turned into a meeting room that fits up to 40 people. Introduced 4 types of meeting rooms.




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