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Room Amenities


All the amenities you need, nothing you don't! What you’ll find in your beautifully designed Winner Inn guest rooms:​

Electronics and Safety


Wi-Fi is always free! You can work, read, play games, or even watch your own YouTube or Netflix (in addition to our huge selection of satellite channels). Like to surf in the shower? Go ahead if your device is waterproof!

Universal electric plug outlets

Nothing is more important than getting your gadgets fully charged. We have installed universal electric plug outlets so that you don't have to worry about finding an adapter. Check the Compatibility Chart in PDF.

Satellite TV channels

We have plenty of local and international satellite channels that you can watch on our flatscreen LED/LCD TV in your room.  Here is a list of TV channels


All rooms have individual air con units. You can adjust the temperature in your room with its remote. Please allow up to 10 minutes to feel the difference!

Safety features

You can only enter your room with your keycard. For your valuables, we also provide in-room electronic safe box in your wardrobe. Don't forget your passcode!

Ensuite Bathroom

Rain showers 

At Winner Inn, every guest room has ensuite bathrooms, and yes, they are fitted with rain showers. 

Bathroom safety

All our bathrooms have bathroom safe wall sockets, and handrails attached next to the water closets (toilets) and showers, so you can be safe at all times. 

Bathroom storage

We installed extra storage shelves and baskets so you will have enough space to store all your makeup and toiletries. 

Hand wash, body wash and shampoo

No more one-time use, tiny soap bottles. Instead, we provide full-sized hand wash, body wash and shampoo. 


Hair dryer and toiletries

You will find a powerful hair dryer at the dressing table. On request, we provide dental products, feminine hygiene supplies, q-tips, and shower caps to keep your hair dry.

Food and Beverage

Mini Refrigerator

After shopping at the wet market or supermarket nearby, you can store your groceries in your mini fridge. You will notice our mini fridge is empty when you check-in. You can call W Bistro downstairs to order food and drinks. 

Kettle, coffee, tea

We know there is no such thing as a normally functioning human being without caffeine… get your fresh barista-brewed coffee (or tea) downstairs at W Bistro open from 7AM - 10PM. We also have electric kettles in the rooms in case you want instant coffee although the freshly brewed coffee from W Bistro is way better.

Unlimited drinking water

Instead of tiny one-time use plastic water bottles, we provide 1L glass bottles that you can refill at any elevator landing and in our restaurant. We encourage drinking more water!

Room Features

Room size

Tired of staying in tiny hotel rooms that are becoming even smaller every year? We have enough space in every room for you to do yoga and burpees.


All essentials and amenities are there: a bathroom for washing off jetlag, a seating area for you to relax, a wardrobe for your clothes, a desk for working, and most importantly, our comfortable beds and flat-screen TVs. Most of our guest rooms will quality as studio apartments in Hong Kong.

Custom teak wood furniture

How about “designer” furniture used in other hotels that feels flimsy and cheap enough to be replaced every few years? At Winner Inn, all our rooms are decorated with custom hardwood teak furniture: writing desk/dressing table, wardrobe, bed frame, bedside tables, armchairs, luggage rack.


We still have furniture older than our hotel itself! We’ve set up everything to be simple, convenient and really really good-looking.

Winner Inn Bed

Our sturdy custom teak wood beds are topped with heavenly mattresses, white cotton linens, and two types of pillows. They are ideal for enjoying all by yourself. We also provide extra beds for a surcharge. You can request the Receptionist if you need one.

White cotton bed and bath linen

All our white linens are free of stains and tears. We replace the wear and tear regularly so that you get the freshest.

​Rattan indoor slippers

Made locally, our rattan slippers are comfortable and keeps dry when used in the bathroom unlike most other hotel's cloth slippers.

Windows and curtains

Sometimes, you just want to turn off the air con and feel the fresh breeze through the windows. At Winner Inn, you can! We have double layered curtains. Thin curtain to let in the daylight but maintain privacy. Blackout curtains to keep out daylight so that you can sleep well. 

Ensuite Bathroom
Food and Beverage
Electronics and Safety
Room Features
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