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Winner Inn's Sustainability Program

Because we are born and raised in Myanmar, we are very aware of our country's problems with constant electricity blackouts, overuse and abuse of plastic and air pollution. Here are what we are doing to make our community a better place:


We designed Winner Inn to keep it cool during the summer and to reduce air conditioning. 

All of our guest rooms face the north and east to avoid the hot afternoon sun, which keeps the bedrooms cool. Our courtyard garden is shaded on three sides and is filled with vines, flowering plants and tress to make it comfortable for you to relax.

We also have open staircases that bring in cool air from the courtyard garden and exhausts hot air at the higher floors, which cools the hotel for your comfort. 

Water tanks for showers are placed on top floors in direct sunlight to keep the showers hot for you. 

Reduce Plastic Use

We replaced one time use tiny plastic bottles for shampoo, body wash and hand soap with full sized bottles that are recycled and reused. 

Instead of plastic water bottles, we provide drinking water in glass bottles that guests can refill at every elevator landing and at W Bistro on the ground floor. 

We've replaced most of the plastic takeaway packaging with paper. We also got steel straws to use instead of plastic straws. 

Reduce Electricity Use

All new aircons at the hotel are inverter type, which reduces electricity use while keeping you cool. 

We replaced old water heaters with solar water heaters. All new light bulbs are now LEDs, which uses less electricity for the same light levels. 

Motion sensing light bulbs that turn off automatically are now used in the back office of Winner Inn.

Repurposed Art And Furniture

Although Winner Inn went through several major renovations and countless minor upgrades, we repurposed and reused the same custom teak furnitures we had since our opening in 1993.

All wall hanging artworks are reframed and regrouped into their own collections and displayed accordingly.

Some of our furnishings are also sourced from local thrift stores, vintage shops, friends and relatives.  

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