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Places to Exercise in Yangon

Want to work out but tired of hitting the gym? How about go for a run as you explore the city? Here are the suggested routes and places suitable for a walk/jog/run from Winner Inn. We are located in the quiet and exclusive residential area of Yangon- at the intersection of Inya Road and Than Lwin Road. At 5 AM, you will see many exercising in following areas nearby.

Shwedagon Pagoda

It is just 1.6 km (1 mile), a 20 minutes walk, from Winner Inn to Shwedagon Pagoda’s northern gate. If you want more exercise, you can run to the Pagoda’s other three gates and also to the parks nearby. Remember that you are required to wear long pants, skirt or dress that falls to your ankles if you want to enter the gates and go up the Pagoda. Route Here

People's Park

Walk in the direction of the fruit stalls and turn right at the junction along Dhammazedi Road until another junction and turn left along U Wisara Road. Enter the park from Ahlone Road side and you can play the outdoor fitness equipments or join the Yoga crew around 7AM. Route Here

Inya Road - Than Lwin Road

From Winner Inn, go up Inya Road. You will pass by St Augustine Church. At the traffic light, turn right onto University Avenue. You will pass University of Foreign Language. Then turn right into Than Lwin Road. This route will lead you back to Winner Inn in about an hour. Route Here

Inya Road - Tha Htone Road

Check out one of Yangon's biggest public schools by running along the Thatone Road. There are Tennis Courts, Soccer Field, Swimming Pool and Local Gym along the road. Grab your racket and you can head out for a tennis game too. Route Here

Inya Lake

Jog for 20 minutes to Inya Lake, the largest lake near downtown Yangon. In the morning, people run, do yoga, walk and breathe in the fresh morning air by the Inya Lake. You can exercise there in the evening too. You can also try many street side snacks, like gourd tempura and fried tofu. Route Here

Along Pyay Road

Recommended to go before 7AM as there are not that many cars yet. Route Here

Kandawgyi Lake

Get fresh air at Kandawgyi lake. Unlike Inya Lake, Kandawgyi Lake has more trees, better landscaping and walking paths. You can join the people doing yoga or tai chi early in the morning. Afterwards, you can go with them to have Myanmar breakfast at local tea shops near the Kandawgyi Lake.

>> Check out Yangon Running Club if you're interested for weekly group runs. Their weekly run starts from Balance Fitness Gym just at the corner of University Avenue Road and Than Lwin Road.

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