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2-day Itinerary in Yangon

If you only had two days and wondering what you must see, eat, experience in Yangon, here's the suggested itinerary for you:

Day 1 – Around the Lakes

  1. 9:00AM Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda (reclining Buddha that is 65m long and 16m high), built in 1907 and was renovated again at 1966. It means 6 story Buddha in Burmese is thus higher in length than Nga Htat Gyi.

  2. 10:00AM Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda (seated Buddha wearing a golden robe that is 14m high). It means 5 story Buddha.

  3. 11:30AM Have lunch at Signature Restaurant overlooking Kandawgyi Lake.

  4. 1:00PM Go for a walk at Kandawgyi Lake and visit Karaweik Palace, built in 1973 as a form of royal barge, houses a restaurant.

  5. 2:00PM Walk to the Yangon Gallery located inside People’s Park, a contemporary art center featuring the talented local artists.

  6. 3:30PM Have tea like a local by the roadside at Feel Myanmar Restaurant and try their assortment of Myanmar desserts and snacks.

  7. 5:00PM Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda at dusk and witness the world wonder in both daytime and nighttime views.

  8. 7:00PM Dinner at House of Memories, a wooden colonial home that was once the office of Aung San, the country’s independence hero.

  9. 9:30PM Go to the 4th floor at Myanmar Plaza, enjoy drinks at Eclipse Bar and end the night at Fuse, the only club in Myanmar located inside a shopping mall.

Day 2 – Downtown

  1. 10:00AM Go to Bogyoke Market and shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, textiles and gems.

  2. 12:00PM Have lunch at Aung Mingalar Shan Restaurant just 10 mins walk from Bogyoke Market.

  3. 1:00PM Walk to Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Myanmar designed by a Dutch architect and built in 1895 when Lower Burma was a province of British India.

  4. Have a glance at The Secretariat from behind the fence. Not yet open to public, this building, built in the late 1800s, was where General Aung San and 7 others were assassinated on 19 July 1947, now commemorated as Burmese Martyrs' Day.

  5. 2:00PM Walk to Pansodan Street and see the Lawkanat Art Gallery and the heritage buildings built since the colonial days.

  6. 5:00PM Go to the Pansodan Ferry Terminal and take the ferry to Dala, the other bank across the Yangon River. Rent a motorbike and go around Dala, see the everyday lives of the local people. 6:30PM Return to the Yangon bank by ferry. (If not visit Bohtahtaung Pagoda near the Bohtahtaung Jetty)

  7. 7:00PM Walk along the Strand Road and try out all the Burmese street food ranging from noodles, salads, grilled fish, satay to boiled pork organs and deep fried larvae.

  8. 9:00PM Visit Sule Pagoda shine brightly at night. And have a glance at the Independence Monument located inside the Mahabandoola Park, opposite sits Yangon City Hall.

  9. 10:00 Go to the top floor of Sakura Tower and enjoy a drink at Yangon Yangon with the night view of Yangon.

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