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Yangon Street Food Night Market Along Strand Road

Explore these Burmese traditional street-side snacks, dishes, drinks and desserts at the Night Market along Strand Road. Open from 3PM - 11PM. Highly recommended!

*Opt for hot foods cooked when you order for health safety*

Crab in Masala Curry

Ga Nan Hinn (ဂဏန္းဟင္း) crabs cooked in masala curry.

Sticks of meat and veggies ready to be grilled.

Sticks of meat and veggies ready to be grilled.

Thin Paung Poe, larvae that lives in plant's stem

Thin Paung Poe (သင္ေပါင္းပိုုး) Larvae that lives in a plant’s stem is deep fried when ordered. It is rich and creamy with a crunch exterior layer.

Deep Fried Crickets

Pa Yit Kyaw (ပုုရစ္ေၾကာ္) deep fried crickets are crunchy and full of protein.

Assortment of Deep Fried Fritters

A Kyaw Sone (အေၾကာ္စံုု) an assortment of deep fried fritters: gourd, corn, potato, prawns, chickpea, onions, spring rolls.

Night market food street vendors

Food stalls all side by side along Strand Road.

Chinese pastries and snacks

Pae Mont (ပဲမွုုန္႔) Chinese bean and flour pastries

Ti Kway (တီေကြ႔) sticky rice flour cakes

Wat Thar Kout Nyin Toke (ဝက္သားေကာက္ညွင္းထုုပ္) sticky rice with pork wrapped in banana leaf

These Chinese snacks are sold throughout the year although they are commonly eaten during Chinese festivities such as Chinese New Year, Ghost Festival and Mid-Autumn Festivals.

Sugar cane juice

Kyan Yay (ၾကံရည္) sugar cane juice is a street side drink that quenches your thirst without being too sweet.

Colorful masks and hats

Masks and celebratory hats for the youngsters.

Prata freshly made

Pa la ta (ပလာတာ) prata fried on hot oiled pan.

Wat Thar Dote Toe, Pork Sticks

Wat Thar Dote Toe (ဝက္သားဒုုတ္ထိုုး) pig organs on skewers. Organ parts are diced, boiled in pork broth, and skewered. It's dipped in sauce and eaten with garlic and chili for spice.

Seafood ready to be cooked

Seafood dishes cooked as you order.

Jackfruit, ready to be eaten.

Pein Nae Thi (ပိႏၷဲသီး) jackfruit is one of the tropical fruits commonly available in Myanmar

Mont Lin Mayar, Couple Snack, in the making
Two versions of Mont Lin Mayar, Couple Snack

Mont Lin Mayar (မုုန္႔လင္မယား) directly translated to “Snack Couple”, is meant to describe two rice flour sides combined to make one. Another form comes without the other side and topped with quail egg and beans.

Deep Fried Pork

Deep frying pork, fish cakes and rice cakes are common.

Htamanae, stick rice with sesame seeds, peanuts and coconut flakes

Htamanae (ထမနဲ) sticky rice with peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut flakes is a Burmese delicacy.

Sticky Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf

Mont Hpat Toke (မုုန္႔ဖက္ထုုပ္) sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf with shredded coconut and sugar.

Myanmar desserts jelly

Myanmar desserts (right to left, front row to back row)

Own Sein Kyout Kyor (အုုန္းစိမ္းေက်ာက္ေက်ာ) Young Coconut Jelly

Thar Gu Pyin (သာကူျပင္) Sago topped with Coconut

Nga Pyaw Paung (ငွက္ေျပာေပါင္း) Banana in Coconut Milk

Own No Kyout Kyor (အုုန္းနိုု႔ေက်ာက္ေက်ာ) Coconut Milk Jelly

Pu Tin (ပုူတင္း) Pudding

Photo Credits: @haikueater

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