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Hta Ma Ne - a Myanmar delicacy

Hta Ma Ne (ထမနဲ) is glutinous rice seasoned with peanuts, coconut flakes and sesame seeds. Htamane festival is held on the eve of the full moon day of Tabodwe (the 11th month of Myanmar calendar, February). Donors offer Htamane to the Buddha and monks before dawn on the full-moon day.

Here's the step by step Htamane making procedure.

Coconut is sliced on the carpenter's plane.

The sliced coconut and ginger are fried on the big wok.

Oil and water are added in and stirring until fragrant.

Glutinous rice and water are added in.

The banana leaf is placed on top after the rice is cooked through.

Women shelling the peanuts to remove the husk.

They grind the peanuts using an empty bottle.

The woman sprinkle the peanut and sesame seed mixture over the glutinous rice as the man mix in.

Four men use their strength to stir until the peanuts and sesame seeds mix in with the glutinous rice.The glutinous rice gets sticker as they get mixed.

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