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April! Party Hard in Yangon!

Yangon Thingyan party up on the pandals

Photo credit: Lost Boy Memoirs

Thingyan is here. Myanmar's equivalent of Thailand's Songkran.

Terms you should know:

Thin-gyan (which means "transition") is a Buddhist festival that lasts 4-5 days into the new year

Man-dat is the Burmese word for pandals which are temporary stages built for Thingyan where people can splash water

Pa-dauk flower blooms after the first rain of the year which usually falls during April-May

Padauk flowers bloom in Yangon

Photo credit: Cerlin Ng

Where to party in Yangon during the week of Thingyan when every bars and clubs are closed?

  • Scout your favorite pandals along Pyay Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road bordering Inya Lake and get entry ticket at the door

  • Roam the streets and party among the crowd

  • Tour around town on a truck filled with water tanks and water pistols to splash passersby

  • Buy tickets to any major Thingyan Music Festivals in advance:

One of the most exciting events in Myanmar is happening this month! Don't miss it!

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