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Yangon's Nightlife 2020

You're missing out if you haven't visited these popular nightlife spots in bustling Yangon with beautiful views, amazing music and vibrant crowds.

Check their facebook pages for information on DJs, events and special nights. Some nightclubs have "bar" in their names but they are considered nightclubs as they have designated dance floor areas. Some nightclubs require entrance fees. The recommendations are in alphabetical order.


1. Atlas Rooftop Bar & Lounge. Has Champagne bar. Views of Shwedagon and Yangon River. Business casual dress code highly recommended. Reserve table at 09767419413. 2. Ginki Kids. Local favorite. Outdoor seating on second floor. Reserve table at 0973041320. 3. The Penthouse. View of Shwedagon Pagoda. Reserve table at 09771239924. 4. Tipsy. Snooker table. Outdoor seating on third floor. Reserve table at 09971988879.


1. Crush Bar. Electronic dance music (EDM). Opens at 9 PM. Reserve table at 09252022221. 2. Fuse. Electronic dance music (EDM). Opens at 9:30 PM. Reserve table at 09440007788. No Sandals, No Flip Flops, No Longyi, No Shorts (for men), No Singlets & Athletic Wears. 3. Pioneer Club. Electronic dance music (EDM). Opens at 10 PM. Reserve table at 095503448. 4. Safe House. Hip hop music. Opens at 9:30 PM. Reserve table at 09777300101.

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