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Basic Tips Before Your Arrival In Yangon


Myanmar Kyat is the national currency but US Dollars are widely accepted at tourist destinations and hotels. International access ATMs can be found in most part of Yangon. Recently, more shops at tourist destinations and restaurants have started accepting the use of Credit Cards for purchase. It is recommended that you bring crisp, clean notes free of stamps to get the best exchange rate as the rates differ based on the note quality.


Tipping is common in Myanmar. There is no service charge at some restaurants and street side stalls or taxis. You can definitely tip if you receive excellent service and they will appreciate it.


Buses and trains are usually crammed and hard for foreigners to commute with as there are few information signs in English. But not to worry, taxis are abundant. Note that the taxis are not metered and you are recommended to bargain before the ride. Destinations within Yangon are near, usually 45 mins maximum without traffic from the city center to Airport, but the traffic jam can prolong the travel time by twice.


Yangon has a tropical climate and thus has three seasons: hot & humid, monsoon and cool seasons.

  • March - May: Hot & humid season

  • April is the hottest month where the temperature climbs up to 38ºC / 100ºF.

  • June - October: Monsoon season

  • July and August are the months with heaviest rainfall.

  • November - February: Cool season

  • January is the coolest month where the temperature drops to 16ºC / 60ºF.

Thus, it is recommended to bring light cotton clothes, wear sunscreen at all times, and keep yourself hydrated.

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