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How to pack for tropical countries in Southeast Asia, especially Myanmar

Before you pack, check the weather for the country you will be visiting at Take care of your health related preparations before you travel. Buy travel health insurance. DO NOT ASSUME you can get competent medical care in Myanmar. Myanmar still does not offer many choices when it comes to shopping. DO NOT ASSUME that you can buy your favorite product in Myanmar. Don't forget to pack: - Long pants / skirt (required on Pagodas) - Insect repellent cream (no public pest control program) - Water resistant sunscreens - Deodorant (hot and humid weather) - Breathable clothes that dry quickly - Earplugs - Eye mask - Flashlight (frequent electricity blackouts in Myanmar) - Hidden wallet - Rain cover/Umbrella (from May to October) - Prescription medication and first aid kit - Ziploc bags to organize your stuff​ ​​

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