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Traditional Myanmar Salad - Let Thoke Sone

Let Thoke Sone (လက္သုပ္စံုု) is a hand-tossed mixed salad. This well-loved Myanmar salad consists of more than one type of noodle and rice, seasoned with different dressings and finally mixed with hand.

Let's learn some Burmese words here.

Let (လက္): hand

Thoke (သုပ္): salad

Sone (စံုု): a variety

Mixing the various ingredients with hands the Myanmar way

The Base: Noodles, Potatoes...

  1. Noodles - ေခါက္ဆြဲ

  2. Glass Vermicelli - ပဲၾကာဇန္

  3. Fried Tofu - ပဲျပား

  4. Cabbage - ေဂၚဖီ

  5. Chickpea Tofu - တိုု့ဟုူး

  6. Beansprouts - ပဲပင္ေပါက္

  7. Mohinga Vermicelli - မုုန္႔ဖတ္

  8. Boiled Potatoes - အာလူးျပဳတ္

  9. Shredded Green Papaya - သေဘၤာသီးစိမ္း - power to offset indigestion

  10. Rice (not pictured) - ထမင္း

The Touch: Seasoning & Condiments...

  1. The base - a variety of noodles and veggies

  2. Small Shan garlic - ရွမ္းၾကက္သြန္ျဖဴ

  3. Red chili oil - အေရာင္တင္ဆီ

  4. Deep fried onion crisps - ၾကက္သြန္နီေၾကာ္

  5. Tamarind juice - မက်ီးရည္

  6. Garlic & turmeric oil - ဆီခ်က္

  7. Dried prawn - ပုုဇြန္ေျခာက္

  8. Small Shan garlic peeled - ရွမ္းၾကက္သြန္ျဖဴ (အခြံပါ)

  9. Chili flakes - ငရုုတ္သီးမႈန္႔

  10. Roasted chickpea flour - ပဲအက်က္မႈန္႔

  11. Fish sauce - ငန္ျပာရည္

*Vegetarians can avoid dried prawn and fish sauce to make the dish a fully vegetarian meal.

This is one of the unique dishes of Myanmar's food culture. The beauty of this dish is that it is fully customizable. We can choose to put more of glass vermicelli instead of noodles or more tamarind sauce instead of fish sauce for those who want a lighter and more sour refreshing taste. The finishing touch is mixing it with your hands to incorporate all the tastes.

Wondering what authentic Myanmar food to have?

Try Let Thoke Sone, hand-tossed mixed salad.

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