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Considerations when moving into Yangon

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Moving into Yangon and finding a studio/apartment/condo, simply a place to stay?

Heard about these issues yet?

Are you having trouble finding a place that:

Payment and Lease Terms

1. accepts monthly rent instead of asking for a yearly lump sum?


2. is quiet but central?

3. is close to markets, convenience stores, restaurants and bars?

4. is convenient to get a taxi from?


5. does not have electricity cuts/power outage/fluctuations?

6. does not have water cuts?

7. has fast wi-fi internet pre-installed?


8. is fully furnished with reliable appliances which won’t need to be fixed again?


9. is pest-free, cleaned and laundered daily?


10. is secure and guarded?

11. is safe enough for me to leave behind while I travel elsewhere without anyone living in the flat?

We got your back, here at Winner Inn. Just check in and live fuss-free. Spend time on what matters to you.

We have special monthly rates and perks for you:

1. Complimentary buffet breakfast

2. Complimentary gym access

3. Complimentary laundry service (only for monthly stays)

Ask us the rates and we will get back to you.

If you haven’t researched about moving into an apartment in Yangon, read this helpful article:

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